How Artificial Intelligence can boost Corporate Innovation


Recently the 10 year old daughter of my friend Ed asked him if Artificial Intelligence means we can stop thinking. We both were perplex and were not able to give an answer to this curious question. This extremely smart question cannot be simply answered by yes or no.  It triggered my thinking and own curiousity after we just had mentioned the word Innovation.

How will Artificial Intelligence contribute to Innovation in a Corporate Environment?

The litlle girl is right and wrong.  Seen her age she thinks binary, yes or no,  good or bad,  like or hate.  That is normal, my 10 year old son does the same.  This way of looking at things is very much engrained in our western culture.  Good or bad.   It is a simple concept. Religions use it all the time.  And in Hollywood they make movies with good guys versus bad guys.  And good always wins after 90 – 110 minutes…

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